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Over 3000 churches have used Brian Kluth's 30 & 40 Day generosity devotionals to IGNITE People's Faith, INSPIRE Generosity, and INCREASE Giving!


DOUBLE-DIGIT GIVING INCREASES:  Many churches have experienced double digit giving increases following giving copies of the 40 day Generous Life devotional to every family in their church. 


DIGITAL KIT of 40 Day Companion Resources

To help enhance the value of this generosity experience at your church, you can purchase a Digital kit with worship service videos, small group and SS videos, 40 Day devotional APPS for phones and tablets, sermon helps, children's SS curriculum, and so much more!


CAPITAL CAMPAIGNS: Churches conducting in-house or consultant-led capital campaigns have found this devotional a great resource to maximize the level of pledges they receive.


CUSTOM COVER COPIES: Churches ordering more than 200 copies have the option to CUSTOMIZE the 4 COVER PAGES. 



For more info, go to: www.GenerosityDevotional.com