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  1. Should I give if I'm in debt? 

  2. What is tithing? Should Christians tithe?  

  3. What does the Bible teach about where to give?  

  4. What are the 7 keys to becoming more generous? 

  5. If I am poor, should I give?

  6. What if I am too afraid to give 10% to Godís work? 

  7. 23 things the Bible teaches about giving.

  8. Why should I give money to the LORDís work?

  9. What is the difference between tithes and offerings?

  10. What are 5 ways to teach children to be generous?

  11. Should I give 10% off the net or gross?

  12. Why should I support my local church?

  13. What are the 5 Dís of Christian giving?

  14. What if my spouse doesn't want me to give?

  15. I can't afford to give, so I donate time - is that enough?

  16. Should I give all my donations to my church?

  17. If I don't have a job, should I give?

  18. How much should I give and where should I give?

  19. What are some helpful Christian financial books? 

  20. What are 5 best tips for making smart donations?

  21. How can I stop receiving fundraising solicitations?

  22. How can I avoid charity scams?

  23. How can I find out more info about charities?

  24. What are the 5 types of non-cash donations people make?

  25. How can I find good organizations to support?

  26. What is online or electronic giving? Is this a good idea?

  27. What should I know about a charity before giving?

Godly and Wise Financial Advice

My friend, Ron Blue, does a tremendous job providing video answers to many people's common financial questions.

Go to www.MasterYourMoney.com for his wise, Biblical, and practical advice on many financial questions related to debt, investing, giving, estate planning, savings, budgeting, housing, retirement, and more!