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Hotlinks & Recommended Resources

Generosity Resources

  • This website - www.GiveWithJoy.org -  40 radio/audio generosity stories and a free 40 day online eDevotional.

  • www.NAEfinancialhealth.org - Hundreds of free website resources and online training for pastors/spouses and church leadership to improve their personal and church financial health.

  • www.NetworkForGood.org - Give electronically to your favorite charities and Christian organizations.

  • www.iDonate.com - Helps you donate investments, vehicles, jewelry, art, tangibles assets, and gifts in kind to your church and favorite Christian organizations and charities.

  • National Christian Foundation - Set up your own "charitable bank account" for family foundation fund.

  • www.ecfa.org - Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability - 1-800-3BE-WISE

  • www.Ministrywatch.com

  • www.GuideStar.org

  • www.charitynavigator.org/

  • www.Give.com - Better Business Bureau for Charities

  • Helping Hands Ministries - This national benevolence ministry facilitates Christian charity through the gifting of tax-exempt donations to those in need (Brian and Sandi Kluth personally benefited from this ministry when they had  thousands of dollars in personal medical bills related to Sandi's cancer treatments).

Personal Money Management Resources

Resources for Churches & Pastors