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Over 1000 Churches have used the

#1 bestselling Generous Life Devotional to Inspire Generosity and Increase Giving


Churches across the US and around the world have used the print version of the "40 Day Journey to a More Generous Life" (www.GenerousLife.info) to inspire greater generosity and increase giving. 


DOUBLE-DIGIT GIVING INCREASES:  Many churches have experienced double digit giving increases following giving copies of the 40 day Generous Life devotional to every family in their church.  Giving increases are especially important since nearly 30% of churches have experienced decreases in their giving (see CHURCH GIVING SURVEY results of over 1000 churches at www.kluth.org/surveyresults.htm).


CHURCH FAMILIES THANKFUL: In the midst of challenging economic times, families have appreciated receiving free copies of this devotional to help them focus on the 400 Bible verses on finances and generosity. 


PLACE "FREE ONLINE eDEVOTIONAL" on your website:  You can CLICK HERE to choose a web graphic you can use on your website, newsletter, bulletin and other printed materials to make this eDevotional available to your congregation.


40 DAY CHURCH CAMPAIGN KIT: You will be able to order a campaign kits that will include leadership videos, church videos. small group/SS class videos, children's material, sermon helps, files to create banners/posters, and more!  CLICK to preview campaign kit.


CUSTOM COVER COPIES: Churches ordering more than 1000 copies have the option to CUSTOMIZE the 4 COVER PAGES.  Go to: www.GenerousLife.info for more ordering details.


CAPITAL CAMPAIGNS: Churches conducting in-house or consultant-led capital campaigns have found this devotional a great resource to maximize the level of pledges they receive.

Go to: www.GenerousLife.info